Not just making autonomous sculptural objects, I am also interested in working installation toward truly immersive environments. By combining aspects of lived experience and creative imagination, my installation is to construct memory and transform perceptions about space and home.  Blending imagery from my past with my experiences as emigrant not only gives me a means of accessing and expressing my feelings, but shaping this imagery into a sculptural installation also allows me to construct a physical site that validates my sense of place and identity.
“Following Gaston Bachelard’s phenomenological study The Poetics of Space, a childhood home
is not just a point of origin, a physical site from our distant past to which we might someday return
for succor; it is also a line of flight, a place that we carry with us psychically wherever we go,
regardless of attempts to flee, framing our experience of the present and constructing our sense of self.”
~James MacDevitt, Cerritos College Art Gallery Director/Curator~